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Philippe was from his young age passionated in sport - biking, gymnastics, and he tried to combine an intensive sport program with musics (at age of seventeen he became a concert pianist ) and studies in Nice where he got his baccalaureat diploma.

The solutions suggested then in France to continue a intense sport career were not satisfying enough for him. He leaves France for Israel in order to continue his child's dream - to become a physical and sport education teacher.
Having received the highest marks in the psychometric examinations for the selection to the Israel Defense Force. He is solicited by the air forces, passes his examinations there successfully but refuses to sign because his only desire is and will remain sport instruction. He will be then sent to the military intelligence unit, successfully passes the tests and refuses there again, until he obtains his incorporation the unit he wanted - Bad 8, the IDF commando and elite units training camp for military sport, climbing, shooting and Krav Maga training.
Before joining the military sport instructor course the commandant of the Bad 8 offers him to join the Krav Maga instructor course… Krav Maga? Yes. Tsahal official hand to hand system. In Israel, the soldiers all are quickly trained in this combat system to be able to fight the aggressions of the enemy forces and terrorist attacks. Only the commandos and elite troops access to training sessions of the Bad 8 instructors.
Philippe Kaddouch discovers this discipline. The effectiveness of the techniques is obvious but they are intended to quickly train soldiers for the ground, moreover, they are not really developed for the urban life. Philippe Kaddouch immediately perceives the intelligence and the subtlety of Krav Maga where others see only force and brutality. He wants to know and to understand all its techniques.
Finding a increasing pleasure in training and teaching of Krav Maga, Philippe sees himself proposing to be used only as an Krav Maga instructor in Bad 8 and not anymore as a regular sport instructor. He accepts under a condition: to be able to leave twice a week to Tel-Aviv to attend the courses of Imi Lichtendfeld (the creator of Krav Maga). Each week, he drives Imi Lichtenfeld to Tel-Aviv and becomes one of his best pupils.
The others participants during training do nothing but learn Krav Maga, he understands it. He does not have to think about the defenses and the counter-attacks, his body immediately gives him the adapted answers, it is obvious that he is intended to make technique evolve.

He will end his military service as Krav Maga Chief Instructor for Tsahal.
Generally not very generous with compliments, Imi Lichtenfeld who came and watch Philippe teaching to future military instructors (he will train some 400) on a defense against a gun threat, will say to the forty soldiers attending the course: “You are lucky, you've got the best instructor."
On his way out of the IDF, the Wingate Institute offers him a function of instructor in the sport teachers College where PK has learnt as a younger student in sport and physical education. At age of 27 Philippe becomes the youngest expert teacher of the Wingate Institute.
In 2012, Philippe Kaddouch decides to dissociate himself from Krav Maga, the name is usurped according to him, most instructors of this discipline are not legitimate.

Philippe Kaddouch is an athlete, international expert of biomechanics, strategy and psychology relating to the personal security.
Meeting Philippe Kaddouch is to discover a scientific and a realistic method in constant evolution, adapted and indisputable approach, a psychology relative to each technique, a new way of approaching each situation in life, a real experience through a pedagogical system that suits everyone of us.


Philippe Kaddouch's physical and psychological real life situations experiences, combined with extreme sensitivity and empathy give him the ressources to find solutions to any issue.
With his experienced and proven pedagogy, he will lead you to the point you want to reach but you will often be surprised by the path you will take to get to it.


Developing your physical and technical capacities like affirming your character and your personality, finding back your animal instinct, being able to decide quickly and in a adapted way to complex and risky situations with insurance, the development of these qualities is obtained by the method transmitted by Philippe Kaddouch.
Rediscover the one you never dare to be anymore, in your professional activity just like in public or in your private life. The method Philippe Kaddouch is based on three elements: the fighting method he teaches, the psychology and the authenticity.
Though rough at the beginning, no other self defense or fighting system is so effective and at the same time refined by its smartness and subtlety as Krav Maga. Philippe Kaddouch has made evolve this discipline to a level that only he can transmit; it is not anymore Krav Maga but the future of this one, something new, “the method Philippe Kaddouch” which belongs to him only.
Improving your fitness level wherever it is, allows you to reach a better potential to carry out the basic or advanced techniques taught by PK. These exercises result from its experience in gymnastics, athletics, and its experiments of its sporting past, they are very effective and much more useful for the body than the majority of the exercises practised in a gym.
With equal of any sport, the method Philippe Kaddouch solicits all the muscles and joints of your body in all the plans of mobility, the stretching exercises must be adapted to the objective.
Learning how to defend yourself, to react, request some instinct, aggressiveness (not to be confused with violence), reactivity and self-confidence. The method of PK consists in conditioning or reconditioning reflexes as well as dealing with an aggression in order to be able to react in an adequate way to each hostile situation, whether it is physical or psychological.
In certain situations of the life, one works without net, the least error implies a disaster, a wound or death. The method of Philippe Kaddouch does not leave any place to the hazardous techniques.
The realistic training gives you the right reflexes and the right moves required in a real situation, without excess of confidence. No need to lie to yourself, to Philippe Kaddouch you do not come for who you are but for who you are going to be.



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WorkShops are events to improve a specific technique of Philippe Kaddouch's Krav Maga.

Provided only in Geneva, available only to PK members and instructors, a deep level to cover many situations around one topic.


MasterClasses are events set up by your local instructor or company to give people the opportunity to discover krav maga by WorldMaster Philippe Kaddouch in your area.

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